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Lucas Acosta
Lucas A.
17:57 29 Apr 20
I’m addicted to this place! The owner and staff are amazing- very knowledgeable and helpful. The facility is super clean and has a comfortable ambience. I’ve done the whole body cryotherapy and the infrared sauna and the Cryo facial - all are amazing- and give me so much energy and vitality and a flatter belly!read more
Karen Short
Karen S.
20:11 21 Mar 20
Michelle Lewis
Michelle L.
17:00 04 Mar 20
Nice place and nice people but not user friendly. Hours are very limited. Barely open on the weekends. Cannot use our package. We literally purchased 4 and only used 2. Every time we go it’s closed.read more
S Scavo
S S.
23:42 26 Feb 20
Very welcoming atmosphere!
Merline Alexis
Merline A.
19:54 23 Feb 20
Laura Falla
Laura F.
18:07 13 Jan 20
Joann McAdam
Joann M.
17:55 13 Jan 20
Joe Rich
Joe R.
12:57 14 Dec 19
Nice place. Good customer service. This was my first time trying this and it was a good experience. Will goo back. This was at the Darien location.
Manuel Cervantes
Manuel C.
17:52 29 Nov 19
I always walk in feeling great and walk out feeling amazing!
Gabrielle Logozzo
Gabrielle L.
18:15 14 Nov 19
vicki beney
vicki B.
21:26 27 Oct 19
Rob Gaulin
Rob G.
18:52 03 Oct 19
Simply said, these treatments work for me as advertised.Mary Jane and the rest of the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, helpful and patient.Try it. You’ll like it!read more
Rona Lira
Rona L.
22:45 26 Sep 19
Fun place...work staff is very helpful
Vlad Drobonog
Vlad D.
18:30 16 Sep 19
Jay B
Jay B
17:01 16 Sep 19
Terri Bannon
Terri B.
17:56 11 Sep 19
Awesome place and customer care!
Michael Engelhart
Michael E.
17:49 11 Sep 19
ColdPlay is terrific, I like the technology and the massage chairs are wonderful! Super friendly staff! Totally worth a try!
Luz Velez
Luz V.
23:07 09 Sep 19
Robert Barriera
Robert B.
19:48 09 Sep 19
As a first timer it was great to meet the nice people at Cold play who were kind enough to provide a thorough explanation and education on the process. Very clean and comfortable environment. I will be back.read more
Raphael Trevisan
Raphael T.
03:18 21 Aug 19
Really nice and clean place.
17:43 11 Aug 19
Great place for Cryo .., definitely helps with my workout routine MJ is the best ..
00:19 07 Aug 19
I'd highly recommend getting Cryotherapy at Cold Play. The employees are extremely kind and the process is smooth. I travel frequently and I have yet to experience a first session as good as this one. The 10 minute massage chair at the end was an added bonus. I'll definitely be back A+read more
Anna Petriccione
Anna P.
18:42 22 Jul 19
Laura Needham
Laura N.
23:06 16 Jul 19
Mo Bebe
Mo B.
21:15 15 Jul 19
It was just an amazing experience from the location (Greenwich) to the facility and the staff as I have nothing bad to say about them. I am getting ready to go back again and again and again.read more
19:24 26 Jun 19
Awesome and cool place! Loved my cryoskin facial!
01:49 23 Jun 19
Great Service!!
Chetan Bhandari
Chetan B.
21:58 22 Jun 19
michelle wituck
michelle W.
20:41 16 Jun 19
My first time doing cryotherapy, and cold play in Greenwich made it a comfy experience. They provided long socks, gloves, a robe and uggs. They have other cool services I didn’t get to check out, but I’s go back if I ever do cryo again. (Tip: make sure you call to confirm your appt, sometimes their system doesn’t confirm via email.)read more
Neil Kusherman
Neil K.
20:34 16 Jun 19
Kyle Huben
Kyle H.
18:05 14 Jun 19
Denise L.
Denise L.
18:39 10 Jun 19
I've been a member at their Greenwich location for a while now, but live closure to Stamford/Darien. Thank God they finally are up & running in Darien; being that I'm recovery from Breast Cancer & have Fibromyalgia. Even thou it's cold outside, Cryo is a different kind of cold. Kind of like having a Ice pack on your entire body. And at their Darien location they have the Infra Red Body Wrap, which I 've been wanting to try. In Greewich they have the Infra Red Sauna, which is good during the winter season. The staff is really pleasant and supportive in helping you get thru a 3 min session in the chamber. Afterwards, you can reward yourself with a 10 min chair messagesThis chair messages you from your head to your toes. They also have a Cryo machine where you can get spot Cryo treatment or a facial. I had the Cryo Facial after I had a few dark spots removed off my face. And it help in healing it from the inflammation & ovet all texture. As with the Whole Body Cryo, it helps your skin texture to your whole body. I also suffer from Migrains and use Cryotherapy to help, in getting relief of that pain. I recently purchased a 5 pack of the Cryoskin Slimming & Toning. Just compelted my 1st session to the back of my upper legs and I can feel a difference in righting and in the appearance in that area. Can't wait to see the total effect after I've compelted my sessions. Whether you have ailments or not... go and see for yourself how Cryotherapy can work for. Enjoy!read more
Dana Shanahan
Dana S.
18:10 30 May 19
Great treatment! I never tried Cyro before. It's amazing. The staff is pleasant. The office is clean. They offer many services. Plus they give a 10 minute massage in a chair after every treatment. I'm hooked!!!read more
Dani Ebbin
Dani E.
15:02 23 May 19
Coldplay has an incredibly kind and knowledgeable staff. You will be in great hands! I can’t wait to go back for more cyrotherapy!!!
Matt Lorito
Matt L.
23:29 17 May 19
Edwine Astremon
Edwine A.
21:08 05 May 19
Susan Martins
Susan M.
17:57 02 May 19
Amazing experience...Great Staff!
Matt Cassin
Matt C.
23:43 27 Apr 19
Susan Franco
Susan F.
18:55 25 Apr 19
I love the professionalism of all of the employees at Cold Play Cryo. I have had a variety of services there and each one has been perfect. Great infrared sauna experience, clean and the massage chairs are a treat. Just go! Thank you Dimple and MJ for always being accommodating and caring. I’ll be back!read more
Marta Piksinska
Marta P.
18:22 25 Apr 19
Tisha Howard
Tisha H.
17:54 13 Apr 19
It was a great experience. The staff was great. I will definitely be coming back
Kristle O'Brien
Kristle O.
00:08 04 Apr 19
Staff was friendly and well educated, space was clean, session was easy. Overall enjoyable experience.
Shivani T
Shivani T
17:43 31 Mar 19
Rachel Beckwith
Rachel B.
18:28 19 Mar 19
William Sarbinowski
William S.
21:29 16 Mar 19
Great place for athletic recovery! I can go straight back to playing afterwards.
stanley bencosme
stanley B.
15:47 10 Mar 19
Great service and friendly staff a most visit .
Carla Thomas
Carla T.
23:55 21 Feb 19
Dave and Dimples was very attentive and friendly.very clean place
Dee Ellis
Dee E.
19:03 21 Feb 19
Professional and welcoming staff. I was in the machine for three minutes. Supposedly, it aids in weight loss and inflammation but I'm still cold an hour later. I paid $29 with a Groupon voucher. However, the regular price is $35. It's worth a try.read more
Bethany Scott
Bethany S.
20:57 12 Feb 19
After having 2 babies in 2 years via C-section I lost most of my weight hitting the gym 4 days a week, eating well & then I couldn’t get off the weight loss plateau for the final 12lbs in my abdomen! My time at the gym made me emotionally feel good but not having the results I desired was totally frustrating! I decided I wanted to invest in myself & get my full self-confidence back. I honestly didn’t realize how amazing Cryotherapy would be physically & emotionally. I’m 4 treatments into the 5 session therapy and have lost 7.5 lbs along with continuing gym & smart eating. I’m beyond thrilled! 💪💛 modivated to be finally back to my pre-pregnancy body!read more
Carolyn P
Carolyn P
19:26 03 Feb 19
Friendly, informative, and great equipment.
Marc DesRuisseaux
Marc D.
17:50 03 Feb 19
Nikolai Krause '26
Nikolai Krause '.
18:05 26 Jan 19
Dave Steigerwald
Dave S.
17:40 23 Jan 19
1st time client. We had an excellent experience. They were very friendly and we definitely come back for more cyrotherapy.
Kimba Reynolds
Kimba R.
17:28 23 Jan 19
Great experience, nice employees clean stylist classy location, I will definitely go again!
Blanca Aviles
Blanca A.
14:27 17 Dec 18
LeRoy Decker
LeRoy D.
23:15 07 Dec 18
Love the facilities. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. My favoifav is the massage chair after a cold session.
Guillermo Ovalles
Guillermo O.
20:04 02 Dec 18
Caroline Lazzara
Caroline L.
20:48 28 Nov 18
Locojoe GarciaGarcia
Locojoe G.
17:46 27 Nov 18
Awesome experience extremely friendly very relaxing experience definitely worth going to over and over
Henry P
Henry P
14:55 25 Nov 18
Ramona Fabrizi
Ramona F.
17:53 24 Nov 18
Dan O'Brien
Dan O.
21:53 23 Nov 18
Great, professional and reasonably priced
Jerome Cohen
Jerome C.
17:46 15 Nov 18
Mari Kent
Mari K.
13:50 12 Aug 18
Terrible treatment of customers. I arrived a few minutes early for my 9:30 appointment and the studio was closed and locked.Apparently they are very strict about the 15 minute early rule, but I was driving back and forth down the street because the building is easy to miss in the industrial park style area (it’s not its own building but a 3rd floor suite in an office building). I tried to call once and received no answer. When I arrived it was still not yet 9:30 (my appointment time). A Cold Play employee was leaving the elevator as I got in. I almost stopped her but figured she was just going out for a break or something and someone else would be upstairs. The building was completely deserted otherwise and there’s no way she didn’t realize I was there for this session. She just left, and nobody else was upstairs. I knocked, tried calling again, and waited until about 9:35 before I realized what was happening.I booked this through ClassPass and used a lot of credits to do so. I have been interested in trying out cryo for a while since I have some chronic injuries and other aches and pains. If this is how they’re trying to get new customers it’s insane. At the very least, even if it was decided that because I was not a full 15 minutes early I couldn’t do the session, you could say something to me, call me, answer the phone, give me information and tell me to reschedule. Don’t walk right past me when I arrived before my appointment time and leave! Insane way to run a business. I’ll be trying a different company for this service.read more
Donna Lovallo
Donna L.
01:47 27 Jul 18
MK Tile Studio
MK Tile S.
02:42 21 Sep 17
Susan Yonce
Susan Y.
19:40 05 May 17
“ I am a strong believer in Cryo and love the benefits of the chamber and the local treatments. It is like an ice-pack on steroids for any injury, and the chamber helps with inflammation, energy, sleep, and completely revives the body. And the Coldplay Cryo staff are all amazing."read more
Aaron Friedman
Aaron F.
23:46 01 May 17
As an athlete, my body is constantly taking a beating. Muscle soreness is just another day at the office. Cold Play Cryo is amazing for "instant" full body recovery. I can feel an immediate difference after therapy, and my muscle recovery is now unlike anything I have been able to achieve before. I'm a customer for life!read more
Annie Delouya
Annie D.
11:27 18 Apr 17
Lara McLanahan
Lara M.
11:59 13 Apr 17
I felt energized and invigorated by my experience at Cold Play Cryo. An unexpected side benefit is that I have never slept better! Can't wait to go back for more treatments and a cryo facial! Bring it on!read more
Vicki Bonic
Vicki B.
02:26 01 Apr 17
Ivan Radchenko
Ivan R.
08:46 17 Feb 17
Recently visited NYC and was suggested to visit Cold Play Cryotherapy in Greenwhich due to having the knee trauma after snowboarding. That was a stunning and exciting experience i'd highly recommend to anyone who is interested in pain reduction. After few sessions I could easily move my leg and felt vigorous. Moreover, the sunsets which last sunshines touch your face while you stay in a cryo chamber full of freezing smoke makes you feel relaxed, full of life and let you escape the jungle of thoughts and troubles you might have. 5 stars goes to the awesome manager, stunning sunshines, huge windows and for the Krion Cryosauna!read more
Michael Gorman
Michael G.
21:06 12 Feb 17
Just got a great whole body freeze session for my tweaked back. Casey gave me some great recovery advice.
c. megan
c. M.
20:46 06 Feb 17
What a wonderful experience! I highly recommend this cryotherapy center. It is a clean, beautiful, and relaxing atmosphere. The staff are very warm and friendly and very knowledgable. I came to the center for arthritic pain and felt better after only one session. I was a bit nervous going into the chamber for the first time but the staff makes you feel very comfortable. Now I am hooked! The cold feels wonderful and you feel immediate results in both mood and energy levels. I don't have sleep issues but my sleep actually improved after my first session (I now sleep more deeply and soundly). My metabolism has also increased and my appetite has decreased! I can't say enough about cryotherapy and this center!read more
sebastian sanchez
sebastian S.
15:34 28 Jan 17
I am a personal trainer at a local gym and I am recommending this therapy to all of my clients. My clients range from weekend warriors who take a beating during their workouts, to the elderly that are just looking for pain management and a more comfortable way of performing simple daily tasks. The thought of being exposed to below 0F can be very intimidating, but as soon as I went in, I felt much better than I expected.Another great option is the localized cryotherapy, I am personally rehabbing from an injury and they were able to use the same technology to that specific area.After you complete the cryotherapy, you can sit back and relax on some of the nicest massage chairs you will ever sit on!Staff is very professional and knowledgeable and they make you feel at home. Go try it out!read more