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The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss

Did you know that Whole Body Cryotherapy reduces weight? Here’s some common sense: When we are cold, and our core body temperature drops below a certain degree, and we may experience the jitters or shaking, also known as oscillatory muscular activity. Well, these oscillatory muscles – when they shake, are also vibrating. Whole body vibration…

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Top 5 Reasons You Need To Add Cryotherapy To Your Athletic Routine

1. Fewer Injuries The key to fewer athletic injuries is a prevention strategy with cryotherapy. Using a cryotherapy chamber after sport-related games and intense physical activities will help reduce inflammation and protect muscles and connective tissues from damage. 2. Faster Injury Recovery When injuries do happen, you want to get back on the field as…

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Whole Body Cryotherapy Relieves Hangover and Dehydration

How Cryotherapy Works To Relieve Dehydration and Hangover Here at Cold Play Cryo, we want you to experience an authentic, balanced state of hydration in our cryotherapy chamber. We also want to educate you on how to adequately and efficiently integrate a hydration program into your daily athletic-related workouts and lifestyle. Proper hydration is essential…

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How To Optimize Cryotherapy Benefits

Cryotherapy is most effective when it’s part of a comprehensive wellness routine. Here’s how you can optimize the benefits of your whole-body cryotherapy treatment. 7 Steps for Optimizing Cryotherapy Performance: Drink lots of water – Athletes know that proper hydration can flush out toxins and eliminate brain fog. Breathe – Focus on belly breaths where…

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Cold Exposure Strengthens Immunity

Most of us prefer to avoid temperature extremes whenever possible, right? If we’re cold, we put on a sweater or coat. And if we’re hot, we choose high-tech wicking fast-drying clothes that keep us cooler as we work out. What happens if we voluntarily seek out temperature extremes? What if we allowed ourselves to experience…

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How to Beat Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) with Cryotherapy

The delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), as one of the most common recurrent forms of exercise-induced sensations, can hinder the progression of athletic activity for up to 72 hours. The cold-temperature environment of the whole-body cryotherapy can significantly speed up the recovery time. Also, our bodies undergo morphological changes of vital proteins and the plasma…

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