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Athletic Recovery Therapies


  • Want to train and play harder than ever before? Whole-Body Cryotherapy sessions during hard training regimens will help speed up muscle recovery, help prevent injuries, speed up injury recovery, reduce tissue damage, decrease inflammation and relieve pain.
  • Are you an athlete who doesn’t stretch enough? Slip into our Normatec Compression boots to prevent delayed-onset muscle soreness, improve blood flow, reduce swelling and inflammation, fast injury recovery, speedier muscle recovery, muscle pain relief, improve athletic performance, and increase flexibility and range of motion. 
  •  By jumping in the Infrared Sauna as an athlete, you can increase your time until exhaustion, enhance your endurance, prevent injuries, and improve blood flow and delivery of nutrients to cells. It also speeds up healing for any muscle-related injuries you may have.
  • The heat therapy from our Infrared Body Wrap can also decrease joint stiffness directly, helping joints to move more freely. It can work just as well with recently traumatized or chronically injured joints, making it an exceptional aid for injuries.
  • Are you an endurance athlete or someone running a marathon? Come in for regular 15-minute NanoVi™sessions for protection against and repair of free radical damage and to address the adverse effects of endurance sports. NanoVi™ also helps boost your immune system, improves your body’s utilization of oxygen and nutrients, and provides a boost in energy and cell detoxification.
  • Local Cryotherapy sessions are a great way to target a specific sports injury and speed up recovery. It can also help keep you from re-injuring it down the line.

Cold play Cryo has a variety of modalities to suit your needs – all depending on what your desired results and goals are! Once you begin coming in and working with their trained staff, you can work to develop an even more individualized service protocol to help you achieve your desired results.

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