Body Contouring & Fat Loss


Cryoskin Toning & Slimming

Permanent fat loss⁠—without surgery.

It's true, you can't spot-reduce with exercise.

But you CAN destroy stubborn fat pockets with Cryoskin's evidence-based cryolipolysis technology.

From the peer-reviewed Aesthetic Surgery Journal: "...Cryptolipolysis reliably decrease[s] subcutaneous tissue deposits."

Contour Light LED Body Contouring

Precisely-calibrated 635nm and 880 nm red light wavelengths reach the fat layer under your skin, triggering a temporary cellular change that turns fat cell contents into naturally metabolized and eliminated fatty acids.

Your body "washes" the fat away. And Contour Light reduces the appearance of cellulite, too!

FIT Infrared Bodywrap

The FIT Bodywrap surrounds your body with body-conforming pads whose far infrared wavelengths penetrate to the fat layer below the dermis. Unlike an infrared sauna, the Bodywrap warms you directly, rather than warming the air around you.

Like our infrared saunas, as your body warms, your metabolism kicks into a higher gear to control your core temperature, burning as many calories as 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy

As super-chilled nitrogen vapors surround you from the neck-down, your body's metabolism kicks into action, burning calories to keep your core temperature up.

As your body re-warms after treatment, the metabolic boost can continue for up to 15 hours, burning as many as 850 calories.

Pretty impressive for a 3-minute treatment!

Infrared Dry Sauna

As temperatures up to 130°F warm the air of your personal infrared sauna pod, your heart rate and circulation increase to help cool your body.

It's like a cardio workout, minus the exercise. In fact, the American College of Cardiology's journal has published peer-reviewed research reporting significant weight loss after two weeks of sauna therapy.

Burn up to 600 calories as your body works to control your core temperature.