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CryoSkin Facials: 7 Amazing Skin Health Benefits

Is freezing your face with a cryoskin facial the secret to younger-looking skin? Find out why cryoskin is becoming a popular treatment among celebrities (like Cardi B) as a premier non-invasive and all-natural way to look younger and more radiant! 

How does cryoskin work?

Cryoskin facials apply cold temperatures through a unique massaged technique that widens your blood vessels, increases blood flow, and improves oxygen supply. Studies show routine Cryoskin facials and even just one facial treatment come with a wide range of anti-aging and skin health benefits.

cryoskin facial

Just one 25-minute cryoskin facial can immediately refresh the face and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Did you know?

The increase in microcir­culation during cryoskin treatments (which is what is the driver behind the range of anti-aging and beauty benefits) is triggered by cold temperatures applied by massage. 

The full range of cryoskin facial benefits include:

  1. Acts as a non-invasive, instant facelift (immediate)

  2. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles (immediate + long term)

  3. Stimulates natural collagen production (immediate + long term)

  4. Increases blood flow and decreases pore size (immediate + long term)

  5. Helps heal old scarring (long term)

  6. Improves skin texture and tone (immediate + long term)

  7. Helps detox and rejuvenate dull skin (long term)

Cryoskin facials: common questions & answers

How many times do I need to do cryoskin facials for the best results?

You will see and feel the immediate results after your first session, but coming in for more sessions consistently = a greater range of benefits. Ideally, you want to come in for a cryoskin facial once a week, for five weeks, and then go into ‘maintenance’ mode. This means that you come in for a cryoskin facial one to two times a month. 

What are cryoskin facials comparable to?

You can think of cryoskin facial treatments as a natural alternative to botox and fillers. Or as a super-charged form of routine/typical facials — but without all the redness and painful extractions!

How long will my results last from cryoskin facials?

Results from cryoskin facials are long-lasting, but keep in mind that lifestyle choices and factors can play a part in how often you should be coming in for cryoskin facials. For the 2-3 days following your facial, you will notice that your face seems to be exceptionally vibrant, wrinkle-free, and tight. 

After three days, you will probably begin to notice how the texture and tone of your skin have improved. Some benefits are seen immediately from cryoskin facials and those that take time to set in, such as reduced scarring and skin tone.

How can I maximize my cryoskin facial results?

Try and avoid eating sugars, processed foods, and alcohol 2-4 hours after your session. It can also be great to workout right after your treatment. Also, try and drink at least 8 glasses of water. You are going to be flushing the fat from whenever you go to urinate, so keeping hydrated will help the process!

Cryoskin facial

Cryoskin facials’ immediate results make it an excellent treatment option for the day-of or the day before a big event.

What is the difference between Cryoskin & other cryotherapy modalities?

There are a lot of other manual cryotherapy machines. For example, a local cryo machine and also a cryogenic chamber, but client experience, testing, and trials have shown that no other machine is currently capable of such dramatic results as the Cryoskin. This is largely due to the face the device can produce cold and heat. 

This is because the exchange within these temperatures with cryoskin has a dramatic effect on the body’s tissues. It causes them to drop to 12 ° F. When fat tissues reach this temperature, they die and are passed through the lymphatic system.

How often can I get a cryoskin facial?

You can get a cryoskin facial once every seven days (once a week).

How long are cryoskin facial appointments?

The treatment takes 25 minutes, so we usually book cryoskin facial appointments for 30 minutes.

 Is the gel going to make me break out?

No, it will not. The gel used is entirely hypo-allergenic. It’s also been specifically designed to retain all its qualities of gliding and protection from -30 ° up to + 60 °F.

Can I do cryoskin facials if I have any facial injections? (Botox/fillers)

Not right after you get them done. But it is 100% safe to come in for cryoskin facials 2-3 months after any facial injections. Most physicians would even say one month is safe. If you have had any facial work done recently, we ask that you touch base with your practitioner for clearance to be safe.

Should I come in for a cryoskin facial during a bad breakout?

No, you should not! Persons with open sores, skin conditions, or acne shouldn’t receive Cryoskin treatment in that area until fully healed. If you are looking for a treatment to help with unwanted pimples, you should consider a Cryo facial. Cryo facials use liquid nitrogen and can be an excellent treatment option for helping address redness and inflammation.

Are cryoskin facials okay for pregnant women?

YES. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can get cryoskin facials. However, slimming and body toning treatments should be cleared by a physician first.

Does diabetes affect my ability to get cryoskin facials?

It does. We recommend all clients consult and gain approval from their physician before coming in for any cryoskin treatments. Most likely, we will be able to perform cryoskin facials with slight modifications.

Can Cryoskin help me get rid of a double chin or make my cheeks more defined?

YES, but keep in mind this is going to take multiple cryoskin facials. Most of our cryoskin facial clients report seeing drastic results after five sessions when coming in once a week. If you want to specifically target a double chin or add definition to a round face, be sure to discuss this with a cold play cryo staff member before receiving any treatments.

cryoskin facial

5 Crysokin facial treatments have been shown to help even out skin done and heal old scarring.

Is the Cryoskin facial device safe?

YES! Cryoskin is very safe. In terms of programming & electronics, it is basically a hand-held device used to massage a client that is controlled by a computerized Windows system. The cooling system is managed by an electronic temperature sensor. This is located in the processing head of the device. The temperature is also controlled in real-time by the machine and temperature is displayed on the screen. 

How do cryoskin facials feel?

The treatment is entirely painless, and many of our clients report it to be a very relaxing experience. The 25-minute treatment entails a massage technique descending into the gradual decrease of temperature.

Can I wear makeup during my cryoskin facial?

No, you cannot. Before any cryoskin facial treatment, we ask that you remove any make up you have on. At Cold Play, we have wet wipes we can provide.

Real Cryoskin facial results provide an immediate mood boost.

Real Cryoskin facial results provide an immediate mood boost.

The bottom line – cryoskin facials are a natural, fast, and effective way to get a brighter, tighter, & younger-looking skin 

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