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Cryotherapy Is an Amazing Way to Recover

Goodbye Inflammation

Cryotherapy promotes anti-inflammatory properties, which decreases recovery time by up to 50%, to improve ability to train, recover and perform. Adding cryotherapy to your regimen will help keep your body in peak physical shape and give you an edge on your opponents. This therapy allows for more intense, higher volume training; enabling you to maximize your full potential and enjoy these benefits.

Cryotherapy can help you recover faster, stay stronger and enjoy a more comfortable, pain-free run.

Faster Recovery

Inflammation is a cell and tissue response to insult or injury. Chemical signals released by damaged cells result in dilation of blood vessels, swelling, accumulation of white blood cells and warming of tissue. Cryotherapy promotes anti-inflammatory properties, which decrease soreness in a post-workout state as well as provide pain relief by constricting the blood vessels. Cryotherapy also elicits the fight or flight response, which not only decreases inflammation but also affects your body’s perception of symptomatic pain.

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