LiveO2 Oxygen Training

Reintroduce your body to youthful oxygen levels.

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast (AC) combines oxygenation, exercise, hypoxic events, and high intensity intervals to optimally train and energize the body. The sum of these four methods comes together in a 15-minute workout designed not only to save you time but to develop health and peak performance.

When you only have 15 minutes and you want optimal results,

look to LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast.

Metabolism Upgrade
Efficiency of metabolism is controlled by oxygen utilization.
When oxygen is abundant, mitochondria carry out aerobic metabolism.
The primary step being, the addition of oxygen to the fuel molecule needed to start the Krebs cycle.
Aerobic metabolism taking place in our mitochondria is the only net positive means of producing ATP energy.
LiveO2 AC training extends the aerobic range by using oxygen concentrated air to reach maximum oxygenation, which is normally un-obtainable when working out intensely.
Functional Upgrade

Advanced medical theory views muscles as both generators and areas of energy storage for the body.

In other words, aerobic-range exercise creates voltage in the cells that is stored similar to a battery as muscles contract and relax.

Further, when this idea is combined with meridian systems, in which large groups of muscles are inter-connected with organs, the act of exercising becomes supportive to the function of the paired organs by increasing the organ’s energy also.

Training with LiveO2 AC regularly not only exercises muscles but perhaps, more importantly, powers the organ systems the body depends on for ideal function.

Performance Upgrade

When it comes to exercise, high intensity intervals create strong responses, one of which is prompting mitochondrial growth.

Most high intensity workouts involve sprints and recoveries that push the body into anaerobic states, causing a recovery issue. With LiveO2 AC the recovery is quick allowing for clean stimulation of systems while still developing oxygen utilization towards its genetic maximum.

Cardiovascular Upgrade

The LiveO2 AC progression of high intensity interval training is enabled by switching between oxygen concentrated air and oxygen depleted air.

This adaptive method creates higher highs and faster recoveries triggering many physiological benefits.

Accelerated gains are achieved when moments of quick recovery follow layers of effort events, teaching the cardiovascular system to act dynamically and grow.

Being a stronger breather and having a well-developed ability to deliver blood to tissues unlocks the all-powerful potential of the body.

Live O2 Training Benefits

  • Train at Altitude

  • Improves VO2 Max

  • Clears Metabolic Waste

  • Hypoxic Training

  • Increases Energy Level

  • Improve Lung Function & Breathing Capabilities

  • Reduces Stress

  • Stimulates Immune Systems

  • Burns 30% More Calories During Exercise

  • Increases Oxygen Flow in the Blood

  • Reduces Pain & Inflammation in the Muscles

  • Improves Mental Clarity & Focus

What is Live O2 Oxygen Training?

Live O2 sessions take between 5 and 15 minutes. The goal of the first session is to reintroduce your body to youthful oxygen levels. This system uses very rich oxygen for a short period of time while you exercise.

LiveO2 therapy works by increases and restores the oxygen supply in the blood. This extra oxygen helps your body to repair many of the negative effects stress has on the body.

LiveO2 uses your heart and lungs individual capacity to push oxygen into the body’s bloodstream through external pressure. With the proper conditions, your body’s own built-in pumps can push at least 10 times more oxygen into the blood stream.

LiveO2 has quick and power effects, mostly the normal plasma oxygen levels by nearly 4 times. At this level, there is enough oxygen in the blood plasma to restore blood flow to the distressed tissues and even reverse vascular inflammation. There have been up to 200% increases in the lymphatic oxygen levels over one week after therapy, which is how LiveO2 helps to regulate the immune system.

The intensity and speed of your therapy depend on three main factors. First, it depends on how much stress has disrupted your metabolism. The second factor is the amount of respiratory turbulence you achieve during therapy, which depends on your heart and breathing rate.

Finally, the therapy is based on your core strength levels. Typically, metabolically fit individuals experience full therapy benefits within 15 minutes. However, others who are only capable of models activity may require up to 36 hours to experience the full benefits.

LiveO2 for Athletes

If you’re athletic at all, LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast more than doubles the performance of LiveO2. LiveO2 AC is our premium oxygen system. It switches between high oxygen and reduced oxygen. It’s pretty easy for your body to breathe with just high oxygen, and this lets your heart and lungs take it easy.

LiveO2AC changes this, switching you to the equivalent of an elevation of about 14,000 feet. This switch makes your heart and lungs work harder, so the oxygen does a lot more.

For athletes, LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast is a training accelerator that flushes performance waste out of your muscles. LiveO2 AC athlete’s clear soreness and overtraining in about 15 minutes. They’re able to recover from hard training and competition much faster, typically in about 1/3 the normal time..

LiveO2 for Everyone

For regular folks, LiveO2 AC amplifies the benefits of exercise to get a higher heart rate which drives more oxygen deeper into your body, so you’ll get more benefit in less time, with less work. You will feel physical changes in about 3 minutes and get realresults in 15 minutes.

We know you will want to try it for yourself, so contact us to try it for yourself. Feeling is believing.

The Performance system is an unlimited supply using Live02 Setup which has a 700L reservoir allowing the machine to keep up with world-class athletes with extremely high VO2 Max 70LPM+ essentially never being able to run out of oxygen!

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