Local Cryotherapy applications are used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. Unlike Whole Body Cryotherapy, which stimulates cold receptors all over the body in order to trigger an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response, local cryotherapy is comparable to”icing”, although much more powerful and efficient.

Localized Cryotherapy is becoming well documented as being used for the management of pain, inflammation in targeted areas, and offers a multitude of benefits. Try it today in Greenwich and New York!

  • Treats Specific Areas: Knees, Feet,Back, Hands and Neck

  • Reduces Joint and Arthritic Pain and Speeds Recovery

  • DecreasesSoreness and Inflammation ofTargetedArea

  • Activates Natural Regeneration for Muscle and Joint Repair

  • Blood is Enriched With Enzymes / Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients

  • Nerve Signal Transmission are Slowed, Resulting in Pain Relief

  • Anti-Inflammatory Toxins are Blocked from Entering Injured Areas

  • Promotes Healing ofTargetedAreas with Nutrient Rich Blood

  • SpeedsPost Operative Surgery Healing and Reduces Swelling

Clients frequently combine this application with Whole Body Cryotherapy to treat problem areas both from the “inside out” as well as from the “outside in” for faster recovery and pain relief.

As temperatures as low as -240 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached by our devices, a local area treatment only needs tobe conducted for about 5-10 minutes, with a benefit exceeding that of hours of icing according to our clients Most clinical studies report that the use of Cryotherapy has a positive effect on pain reduction and on the recovery of various injuries.

When the physiological processes produced by Cryotherapy are examined in experimental situations, some of these reactions differ from expectations. Skin, subcutaneous, intramuscular and joint temperature changes depend on application method, initial temperature and application time.

Intramuscular temperature continues to drop after the cooling modality has been removed. Results of various studies are consistent on the effects on neuromuscular and pain processes. Results of studies on cold and blood flow vary considerably, however it appears that blood flow increases with superficial cold application and decreases when cold is applied to large skin surface areas. Motor performance is affected by temperature with a critical temperature being around 18°C, above and beneath which muscle performance decreases.

There is also a critical temperature for the application of cold with inflammation and edema increasing at temperatures below 15°C. Precautions should be taken because prolonged application at very low temperatures could have deleterious effects.

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