Targeted Cryotherapy: Localized Relief Where You Need It Most

Imagine the world’s most effective cold therapy, exactly where you need it.

That’s what targeted cryotherapy delivers, at a safe and comfortable temperature between -25F and -40F.

Choose targeted cryotherapy for:

  • Facials and skin treatments, tightening skin and lessening visible pores and wrinkles without risky chemicals, needles, surgery or recovery time.
  • Sports recovery, to soothe muscle and joint pain and inflammation while your body recovers naturally after tough workouts or intense competition
  • Chronic pain relief for a sore neck, back, shoulder, knee or hip without dangerous painkillers
  • Relief for pain associated with conditions like MS, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion injuries and migraines

Our skilled staff uses a handheld wand to precisely direct therapeutically chilled vapor to the part of your body that’s receiving treatment.

Each localized cryo treatment helps boost circulation in the targeted area and helps flush cellular waste related to aging, tissue damage and inflammation.

  • Treats Specific Areas: Face, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, Back, Hip, Knee, Ankle

  • Tightens skin, reduces visible pores and redness

  • Slows pain signal transmission

  • Helps Reduce pain from injury, surgery, or chronic conditions

  • Soothes soreness and inflammation

  • Promotes cellular regeneration for faster recovery

  • Replenishes blood in treated area with nutrients & anti-inflammatory compounds

Can I combine localized cryotherapy with whole-body cryotherapy?

Absolutely. This “inside out/outside in” treatment strategy is an excellent way to accelerate sports recovery and treat chronic pain. You get fast relief for specific areas that need immediate attention while benefiting from a total-body circulatory and anti-inflammatory boost.

Our staff will help you determine the most beneficial schedule for your combined treatments.

How many sessions should I schedule?

Single or intermittent sessions temporarily improve skin appearance and help relieve inflammation and pain.

However, most clients feel that they achieve longer-lasting results after a series of treatments.

  • If your goal is youthful, glowing skin, we suggest incorporating cryo facials into your normal beauty routine.
  • It’s also wise to schedule an additional cryo skin treatment before important events.
  • If your goal is athletic performance and recovery, time your treatments based on your training and competition schedule.
  • If your goal is pain relief, begin with more frequent treatments to achieve initial relief. Then select a schedule that’s frequent enough to prevent the return of pain.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Since targeted cryo treats only the affected area, simply wear clothing that allows access to the body part we’re treating.

Unlike whole-body cryotherapy, there’s no need to change clothes.

Price List

Intro Session

1 Cryo Local Session
First Time Customers


one time only


Full single session


per session

5 Pack

5 sessions


per package
$45 per session

10 Pack

10 sessions


per package
$40 per session