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The same rapid recovery and rehab system pro athletes use!

Physician-developed Normatec compression speeds athletic recovery after workouts, competition and injury.

Does every day away from your sport due to pain or injury feel like a wasted opportunity?

Are you the person who starts training again as soon as the game ends? As soon as you cross the finish line?

Cold Play’s popular Normatec compression recovery services will get you back in the gym, back on the bike, back on the golf course, back in the hunt.

At the beginning of your appointment, our staff will help you slide Normatec’s compression sleeves onto your legs, arms or hips.

They’ll tailor the compression settings to your specific profile.

Then, Normatec’s patented PULSE technology goes into action, using compressed air to increase circulation, massage sore muscles and accelerate recovery from hard workouts or injury.

In less than 30 minutes, get the same recovery and rehab benefit enjoyed by pro football, basketball and soccer players, golfers and tennis players, elite runners, Ironman USA, USA Wrestling, USA Track & Field, USA Cycling, the National Strength and Conditioning Association and more!

Great place for athletic recovery! I can go straight back to playing afterwards. ~Bill S., March 2019

How Normatec Works

NormaTec’s PULSE massage pattern uses three proprietary techniques to increase blood flow and recovery:

PULSING: Mimics the natural pumping motion of the arms and legs. Helps quickly move fluid and cellular matter out of your body following intense exercise

GRADIENTS: Special “hold pressures” keep the body’s fluids from moving backwards through veins and the lymph system. This lets Normatec deliver optimal pressure in every zone.

DISTAL RELEASE: Ensures maximal rest between each compression cycle. Sequential pulse technology releases the “hold” pressures at precisely-timed intervals.

Price List


15 minute session
Choose one: arm, leg or hip sleeves



30 minute session
Choose one: arm, leg or hip sleeves