As the coronavirus continues to spread worldwide and quickly makes its way towards Greenwich and Darien CT, we are hearing about how to reduce exposure and take care of ourselves if we get sick. People are loading up on hand sanitizers and medical masks. These are important precautionary tips, but we’re not hearing much about how what we can actually do to boost our immunity so that if we do get exposed to the virus—or worse, we get sick—our body can fight it off and bounce back. Enter immune-boosting therapies

Now that coronavirus is continuing to spread, it’s more important than ever to support the immune system.  Find out how infrared saunas, whole-body cryotherapy, and NanoVi™ can act as immune-boosting therapies that help arm your immune system against ubiquitous viruses like the ‘Coronavirus’.

Infrared Sauna For Immunity 

Escaping to a relaxing sauna a few times a week during this cold winter could be your best strategy for keeping healthy.

Infrared saunas have been heavily studied on the topic of the immune system response. We’ve broken down some of the research and what it all means.

A sauna works similarly to a fever

Infrared saunas are at the top of all the immune-boosting therapies available. Infrared saunas amp up core body temperature, which helps to keep your immune system healthy and in good working order. When your body fights off an infection like the flu, your immune system will naturally peak your temperature. It’s usually anywhere from 100.9°F or higher, which is considered a fever. This temperature increase in the body creates a less suitable environment for these destructive bugs. (1)

Infrared saunas work a lot like how a natural fever does in the body. The infrared heat penetrates works deep in the tissues after penetrating our skin, pushing up core body temperature to around 102°F (39°C). Your body responds to this constructed “fever” by stepping up its immune response and mobilizing the Th1 branch of the immune system. This part of the immune system antiviral and antibacterial. (2)

Plus, saunas increase your white blood cell count. Studies have shown near-infrared light activates white blood cells and boosts antibodies against pathogens. (3)

During cold winters, our immune systems are inevitably under attack. There’s nothing like a hot sauna session to help spark a sense of relaxed vitality.

Infrared saunas make us more resilient

While chronic stress is bad for us, small amounts of stress done in a controlled and comfortable manner can be good for our bodies. In the infrared sauna, “Heat shock proteins” are produced, which helps your body do a better job of creating proteins for healing and staying healthy. Research has shown that heat shock proteins also improve the function of the immune system. (4)

And spending time in an infrared sauna may make our immune systems younger. Our immune system needs to be continuously replenished by immune stem cells located in the bone marrow and thymus, and it is largely affected by aging. One of the reasons older adults are more susceptible to getting sick is that these cells get depleted over time as people age.

Luckily, the photobiomodulation from the near-infrared spectrum can stimulate the mitochondria of those stem cells. This means from regularly infrared sauna sessions, you get more white blood cells, which means a more robust immune system. (5)

Infrared saunas also have been shown to improve our body’s natural adaptive immune response. This means if your body has been exposed to a microbe before, your body will ‘remember’ and be prepared to fight it off harder compared to the first time. (6)

Infrared saunas lower your stress response

Stress escalates the levels of cortisol in the body, and cortisol, in response, reduces your body’s ability to fight off foreign germs. In other words, being stressed out makes you more susceptible to getting a cold. (7) (8)

Luckily, a study published in 2015 found that infrared saunas can reduce cortisol levels. And a recent review of research done on infrared saunas also found far infrared therapy can help lower cortisol levels. (9) (10)

Offsetting elevated stress hormones such as cortisol can help your body stay balanced and ready to fight off any viral bug that comes along.

Infrared saunas improve sleep quality, which is crucial for immune health

Sleep is essential for countless health reasons, including your antiviral immune response. Infrared sauna use at least two times a week is effective for improving the quality of sleep. Using the infrared sauna in the early evening or late afternoon is especially beneficial. (11)

Whole-Body Cryotherapy For Immunity 

Chilling out for just three quick minutes several days a week is one of the best ways to bolster your immune system quickly.

Studies have shown that whole-body cryotherapy stimulates the immune system. During a cryotherapy session, your body’s production of anti-inflammatory hormones significantly increases, reducing overall inflammation markers in the body in just three minutes. And a reduction in inflammation markers in the body has been proven to help strengthen immune systems. (12) (13)(14)

Exposing your body to extremely cold or hot temperatures in a controlled and comfortable manner can help safely strengthen your immune system. (15) (16)

Exposing your body to extreme cold jump-starts your immune system

Cryotherapy allows your body to be exposed to extreme cold temperatures without putting too much physical stress on the body. In the chamber, your body’s immune cells increase, which helps bolster a healthier immune system.  

This boost to your immune system can help you be less susceptible to getting sick. And whole-body cryotherapy can also help you recover if you have a viral infection, making it a great immune-boosting therapy for someone who is feeling sick. (17)

Did you know? A recent study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases found that those who took anti-fever medications for a viral infection like corona had a weak immune response compared to those on no medication. (18)

NanoVi™ For Immunity 

Regular sessions will give you a more reliable immune system and a higher white blood cell count.

A recent study of the NanoVi™ device at the Center for Sports Science at the University of Vienna found that regular treatment boosts white blood cell count and that the NanoVi™ device is associated with a more robust immune response. All white blood measures, except Lymphocytes, showed that the NanoVi™ group was significantly higher than the placebo group at t85. The t85 point was after the second NanoVi™ session that immediately followed the all-out exertion.

It was also shown to significantly lower inflammatory markers after exercise-induced oxidative stress. (19)

Furthermore, another study found that the NanoVi™device can help address inflammation in adults with Alzheimer’s disease, which helps strengthen a weak immune system. (20)

Feeling healthy right now but worried about getting sick? When does regularly, NanoVi™ is one of the best preventative immune-boosting therapies you can get in the Greenwich and Darien CT amid the coronavirus.

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