Cryoskin Body Contouring

FAT CELL DESTRUCTION & Cellulite Reduction


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What to expect

Spot fat loss that actually works.

Your CryoSkin treatment program begins with a personal consultation to understand your beauty priorities and ensure that this advanced treatment is appropriate for you.

For our most popular treatment, CryoSkin Body Contouring & Toning, we configure the CryoSkin software to freeze fat cells permanently while alternating the application of safe heat and cold to maximize results.

The result: permanent fat cell destruction in stubborn fat pockets and improved appearance of dimpled skin and visible cellulite.

Unlike other body sculpting techniques with bulky pads, CryoSkin uses a handheld wand. We precisely direct treatment to exactly where you want it.

Cellulite reduction treatments last 20-40 minutes.

Body contouring treatments last 40-60 minutes.

How does cryoskin body contouring work?


Preferentially destroys fat cells by lowering their temperature very quickly and briefly to about -15°F, which triggers "apoptosis"— cell death

Brief, targeted cold exposure avoids damaging surrounding tissue

The Peltier Effect & Thermal Shock

Cryoskin's technology also incorporates the Peltier Effect which allows rapid cycling between heat and cold

Results in beneficial thermal shock, which enhances tissue restoration through increased microcirculation and collagen production

Scientifically Sound

The only non-invasive, non-surgical method for spot weight loss reduction supported by multiple independent scientific studies

Meta-analysis of 15+ studies concluded that cryolipolysis⁠—spot reduction of fat achieved by freezing targeted fat cells⁠—"reliably decrease[d] subcutaneous tissue deposits" (see study)

The best contouring, toning & cellulite treatment available

  • CryoSkin Body Contouring and Slimming offers scientifically-sound spot reduction of unwanted fat—for real!
  • The non-invasive solution for batwings, muffin tops, love handles, saddlebags and thunder thighs
  • No dangerous surgery, anesthesia, chemicals, needles, or liposuction...and no downtime!
  • Immediate results as fat cells are destroyed permanently in treated areas
  • Sculpt problem areas and stubborn fat pockets
  • Alternating heat and cold applications kill unwanted fat cells forever without damaging adjacent tissue
  • Treated areas look tighter and more toned within a few short sessions
  • Ideal for unwanted inches and fat pockets around your upper arms, back, thighs, abdomen and waist, hips and knees
  • Cryoskin Toning & Cellulite Removal smooths dimply skin and cellulite around your waist, hips, thighs and knees
  • No chemicals, needles, injections or surgery..and no downtime!
  • Enhances localized microcirculation in treated areas
  • Increased collagen improves skin's elasticity and ability to "bounce back"
  • Enhances skin firmness and resilience

Frequently-Asked Questions

CryoSkin body contouring treatments directly apply sub-zero temperatures and heat to stubborn fat pockets and cellulite. The temperature is scientifically calibrated to the exact point at which cell death—"apoptosis"—occurs.

This is the most advanced beauty treatment and fat-loss procedure available—and best of all, it's entirely natural. No needles, no suction, no cosmetic surgery and no downtime.

Each cold application is followed by a special type of massage that speeds the body's removal of dead fat cells.

CryoSkin technology became available in 2013 and is used throughout Europe and the United States.

The body contouring process itself is painless and many feel it's actually rather relaxing and pleasant.

The cooling temperature is controlled by an electronic temperature sensor located in the wand. It's set at a level which can kill fat cells without damaging other cells.

Your CryoSkin specialist also has up-to-the-second information displayed on the CryoSkin's screen that reports the current temperature of the CryoSkin unit.

Occasionally clients report temporary redness. Some report temporary itching of the skin, which is usually related to the presence of cosmetics on your skin. It's therefore  best to avoid lotions before your treatment. Many clients choose to come after work, or after a workout, for this reason.

Your skincare specialist will apply a small amount of gel to the areas where you'll be receiving the CryoSkin fat-freezing treatment. This facilitates comfortable, gliding application of the cooling wand to your skin and helps protect your skin during exposure to heat and cold.

Every client's physiology is different, so results vary among individuals.

The company which developed this technology has conducted clinical studies which reported an average of 1" - 2" inches.

CryoSkin is not recommended if you're pregnant or breastfeeding. As part of your personal consultation before beginning treatment, we'll review your health status to help you determine whether CryoSkin treatments are appropriate for you.

We also encourage you to discuss any planned cold or heat-based treatment with you personal physician.

Cellulite reduction requires an initial treatment plan of 5 sessions within a 14-day period, or approximately 2-3 sessions/week. Maintenance treatments can be scheduled when desired.

Permanent fat loss requires one weekly treatment for five weeks. That allows enough time for your body to naturally remove the dead fat cells produced by each CryoSkin treatment through the circulatory, lymphatic and excretory systems.

The need for maintenance treatments depends upon each client's lifestyle choices. While the treated fat cells are destroyed, other fat cells remain and can store unwanted fat if calories taken in exceed calories burned.