Infrared Sauna

Natural whole-body health, recovery, and pain relief

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What to expect

Rebuild. Restore. Relax.

Our infrared sauna employs multi-spectrum low-frequency heat up to 158°F to increase circulation, promote cellular regeneration, and supplement your body's own natural healing and rebuilding process.

Sauna boosts metabolism, improves your body's reaction to stress, and can reduce the harmful effects of time, lifestyle, and the elements.

It also relieves sore muscles, accelerates recovery, soothes, relaxes and invigorates.

How does infrared sauna work?

Improve health from the inside out.

Three separate infrared wavelengths work together to increase circulation and metabolism and strengthen your body's own natural defenses

Improves cell health and regeneration, relieves joint and muscle pain and inflammation

Helps your body adapt to your environment at the cellular level

Stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface and improves energy usage

Encourages replenishment of old and damaged tissue with newer, more efficient cells


Infrared Sauna's Advantages

  • Shorter wavelength, near-infrared enhances radiance and youthfulness of skin by improving cell health and regeneration
  • Stimulate collagen production in the skin's epidermis and dermis layers
  • Improves appearance of psoriasis, acne, eczema and other skin irritations and breakouts
  • Repairs harmful effects of time, lifestyle, and the elements
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Increased heart rate and metabolic rate caused by exposure to warmer temperatures
  • Can help burn up to 600 calories and magnify the effects of light exercise
  • Can help reduce appearance of cellulite and belly fat within three months
  • Relieves stress that can lead to weight retention, inflammation and other health issues
  • Far-infrared heat increases circulation and reoxygenation of injured areas
  • Simple, drug-free pain relief after tough workouts, games and races
  • Lets you push yourself harder and faster in training
  • Helps relieve muscle tightness, stiffness, soreness, and spasms
  • Relieves pain and inflammation of sports injuries while you heal naturally
  • Mid-range infrared wavelengths can help reduce joint and muscle pain, including arthritis
  • Improves range of motion
  • Decreases sensitivity to pain due to increased endorphin production
  • Relieves stress, inflammation, and soreness

Frequently-Asked Questions

An infrared sauna heats the body directly. It’s a very efficient yet pleasant process, similar to lying in the sun and feeling the heat soak into your body.

Traditional dry and steam saunas operate at almost 200 degrees, because they warm you indirectly, by heating the air around you.

Infrared is effective at much lower temperatures. In fact, Sunlighten, the creator of our infrared sauna technology, notes that it offers detox, pain relief, heart health, weight loss, anti-aging, cellular health and relaxation benefits.

Infrared is invisible light that safely penetrates your body’s cells and raises your core temperature. That’s why it’s referred to as “infrared heat.”

It’s safe and doesn’t contain sunlight’s harmful UV rays. In fact, hospitals use infrared heat to warm babies.

It consists of three wavelengths, each offering different health benefits:

  • Far, the longest wavelength, supports weight loss, detoxification, lower blood pressure and relaxation.
  • Mid, the second longest wavelength, supports pain relief, reduced inflammation and enhanced blood circulation. It also supports weight loss. That’s why physical therapists and orthopedists often recommend infrared therapy for sports injury recovery.
  • Near, the shortest wavelength, offers anti-aging, cellular health, wound healing and immune system benefits.

Full-spectrum infrared also enhances your skin’s healthy, vibrant glow and offers unparalleled relaxation and destressing benefits.

If you have metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implants, please consult with your physician before using an infrared sauna.

In general, such devices reflect infrared waves and are not heated by this system. However, your physician’s advice should guide your decision.

Sauna is not recommended while you're pregnant. Women who are pregnant should avoid raising their core body temperature. This also applies to traditional dry and steam saunas, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis.

Infrared saunas are generally safe post-birth and while breastfeeding.

However, you should consult your doctor to ensure that your sauna treatment is appropriate for your specific situation.

Each 40-minute session includes all three wavelengths and allows you to select the temperature you prefer.

While our standard session delivers near, mid and far wavelengths at 100%, we’ll help you personalize the settings for your personal health goals.

Each of our saunas includes a digital tablet with complimentary WiFi-connected apps including Netflix and Pandora.

You’re also welcome to simply dim the lights and relax, knowing that you’re taking great care of your health.

Each sauna cabin is completely private, so it's up to you to decide what's most comfortable.

Some clients prefer light workout clothes. Others prefer to experience their sauna nude. 

Both are equally effective. Light clothing will not reduce the effectiveness of your treatment.

In either case, you’ll sit on a towel placed on the sauna bench.

We recommend that you choose the option you’ll find most relaxing.

Please note that shoes are strictly prohibited in all cases.

That’s a great question. It’s important to avoid dehydration by hydrating during and after your sauna session.

Bring your own water bottle, with a secure top, and fill it with our complimentary filtered water, or choose Defiance Ultra-Purified water, available for purchase.

We provide fresh fluffy towels for each client.

However, we recommend that you avoid showering for up to an hour after your sauna, to maximize the detox effect. For this reason, we do not offer showers following infrared sauna treatments.

Studies suggest that 3 sessions/week are most effective in achieving specific health goals.

Many of our clients make infrared therapy sessions a regular part of their daily and weekly fitness routines.

Saunas are also very helpful for speeding athletic recovery and soothing sore muscles after intense training or competition.

They can also be used to increase heat acclimation if you're planning to travel to hot climates or participate in athletic events in hot temperatures.