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Surgical Recovery

Post Operative Surgery and Cryotherapy work extremely well together.


Surgery is inherently injurious to tissue and skin and activates the body’s natural response to stress and trauma.

The best surgeons are now recommending Cryotherapy to their patients after general or cosmetic surgery. Cryotherapy is the brief application of cold temperature to the skin. Cryotherapy has been shown to accelerate surgical recovery by reducing inflammation, pain and complications. It is also effective for reducing bruising and the formation of scar tissue. Cosmetic surgery patients seek to enhance their physical appearance. A temporary but unavoidable side effect of any surgical procedure is the post-operative period of pain, swelling and bruising.

Below is a list of Cryotherapy benefits that aid in the recovery of cosmetic or medical procedures:

  • Triggers Endorphins Production. The Bodies Natural Pain Killer

  • Faster Wound Healing. Incisions from Surgery Heal Faster

  • Nerve Signal Transmission are Slowed, Reducing Inflammation


    Regular Whole Body Cryotherapy users with acne problems notice fewer skin blemishes over time. Those who have acne scars might also be pleasantly surprised by a reduction of their appearance.

  • Promotes Accelerated Healing of Injured Areas with Nutrient Rich Blood

Surgery is inherently injurious to tissue and skin and activates the body’s natural response to stress and trauma.

Inflammation is the body’s attempt to heal—red blood cells initiate the inflammatory process and white blood cells accumulate to fight potential infection. Inflammation is necessary to heal in the short term—but longer term inflammation can be injurious and may slow down the healing process. For plastic surgery patients, long-term inflammation can delay and distract from the positive cosmetic outcomes they are seeking.

Cryotherapy has historically been used to reduce post-operative pain, swelling and bruising.

Cold treatment promotes healing and inhibits inflammation by lowering the temperature and metabolic rate of injured tissue and constricting blood vessels and blood flow. Once the cold is removed—highly oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood flows to the injured area reducing pain, bruising and swelling. If you are planning to have surgery or are currently recovering from an operation, consider including Cryotherapy as part of your post-operative recovery.

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