The Cold Play Cryo Survival Guide: A List of What To Expect

We want to make sure your cryotherapy experience is fun and easy. That’s why we created this guide for Whole Body Cryotherapy. It is to ensure you get the most out of your cryo session.

At Cold Play Cryo:

  • You will be provided with fresh socks, Uggs, gloves, and a robe to change into before and after your session.

  • We usually do not recommend wearing jewelry – however, this can be taken off right before the session in our recovery room.

  • We want to make sure right before you get into the cryosauna that you have no body condensation or your body is not soaking wet in the event that it will freeze when exposed to sub-zero temperatures
  • There will be a cryo specialist with you at all times immediately prior to entering the cryosauna, during the Whole Body Cryotherapy, and after you exit the cryosauna.

  • Stay hydrated – drink mineral enhanced water before and after.

  • Once inside the chamber, it cools to -150°C in 20-40 seconds.

Above all, bring you and your smile, as we are promoters of health-conscious and alternative wellness, and strive to make YOU the happiest, feel-good client we have ever had.