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Natural Beauty, Sports Recovery & Pain Relief in Greenwich & Darien, CT

The Cold Play Cryo Story

"My son was injured playing hockey. We researched all the medical options to get him healed and back doing what he loved. Cryotherapy was recommended and the results were quite impressive."

~Mehdi Alami, Cold Play Cryo Founder

That experience inspired Mehdi Alami, graduate of New York University Stern School of Business and Boston College and a seasoned technology executive, runner and longtime member of Westchester's most competitive tennis league, to found Cold Play Cryotherapy in 2016.

Today, Cold Play Cryo has expanded far beyond its early days as the first cryotherapy center in Greenwich.

We are the top-rated provider of cold, heat, light and oxygen therapies in southern Connecticut, serving clients throughout Greenwich, Darien and Stamford.

Top-Rated Cryotherapy, CryoSkin, Infrared Sauna & More

Deep Expertise

I love tennis but I don't take my taxes to my tennis coach.

All kinds of businesses try to sell cryotherapy, infrared and other natural beauty, anti-aging, sports recovery and pain relief treatments.  But it's not their core business.

Here, it's all we do. Why?

Effective cold, heat, and light treatment requires experienced specialists in natural healing, versed in all the capabilities of the best equipment.

Our well-trained staff understands the unique nuances of each treatment modality. We've seen almost every possible client scenario—because this is what we do, every day.

So whatever your goals, we're ready.

Obsessed with Excellence

Some spas use entry-level equipment. Why? It's cheaper, with fewer features—so it's easier for lightly trained staff to operate.

Cold Play has always invested in the most advanced professional-grade equipment available for natural beauty, anti-aging, weight loss, sports recovery and pain relief treatments.

For example, our FIT Bodywrap provider specializes exclusively in far infrared therapy innovation (FIR).

We chose CryoSkin's innovative wand technology because it provides rapid results and precise treatment compared to other body sculpting tools that rely on bulky pads or time-consuming paddles.

And although other recovery boots cost less, we chose Normatec because of its deep medical-grade sports compression and recovery expertise.

Even our massage chairs are next-level. Just ask our clients!

It's your body. It deserves the very best science available.

Objective & Trusted

Because we offer multiple therapy choices, we're not tied to just one treatment.

We can be objective about what's best for your specific needs. Maybe you...

...Need to lose a few strategic inches for an upcoming party

...Ran a marathon yesterday and you're dreading the thought of stairs

...Want to look as great as you feel

...Or crave a good night's restorative sleep despite chronic pain.

Whatever your situation and budget, we can help.

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