Nanovi Oxidative Stress Repair

strengthens immune system & cellular metabolism

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What to expect

Fight back against physical stressors that age you faster!

This restorative 15-minute breathing treatment amplifies your body's protective oxidative response mechanism.

Its bio-identical signaling enhances the natural repair of cellular proteins, mitochondria and DNA.

Wear comfortable clothing so you can fully relax and get the most out of this anti-aging and athletic recovery technology.

How does NanoVi work?

Counteracts Constant Oxidative Stress

Free radicals and oxidative stress resulting from environmental and lifestyle factors continually attack our bodies—pollution, exercise stress, dietary compounds, the natural progression of time, and more

Aging occurs because our bodies cannot repair this cellular damage as quickly as it occurs

Based on REDOX signaling research

Delivers bio-identical electromagnetic wavelengths to you via precisely humidified air

These signals are calibrated to precisely match the body's natural cellular repair signals

Increases cellular vitality

Supports turnover and repair of DNA, mitochondria and other components responsible for your body's vitality and cellular energy production

For Anti-Aging, Vitality & Sports Recovery

  • Accelerating the body's natural cellular defense and repair mechanisms boosts energy and vitality at every age
  • Allows you to challenge yourself physically—from landscaping to golf to travel!— with confidence that you're reinforcing your body's natural cellular repair processes
  • A natural complement to oxygen and antioxidant therapies
  • NanoVi technology supports head-to-toe cellular repair, unlike medications with narrowly-defined targets
  • Half of all adults in the US report chronic health issues, many age-related
  • Oxidative stress worsens all chronic health issues, and even causes some
  • Accelerating cell repair helps restore your energy and vitality
  • Physicial activity is beneficial—yet oxidative stress from increased oxygen metabolism among athletes slows cellular recovery and athletic performance
  • NanoVi reduces blood lactate following workouts
  • Strengthens immune system and improves heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Accelerates cellular recovery following intense training and competition
  • Lessens DNA and mitochondrial damage related to endurance sports like running, swimming and cycling

Frequently-Asked Questions

Wear comfortable clothes so that you can relax fully during your breathing treatment.

Your session will last about 15 minutes.

Yes. You'll breathe just as you do every day, with the added advantage that our scientifically-calibrated bio-identical signaling will amplify your body's natural cellular repair functions.

No, the NanoVi's oxygen level is about 21%, just like regular air.

No, the NanoVi device delivers oxygen. It does not deliver ozone, which is toxic in high doses.

Yes, although if you are receiving hyperbaric treatment under medical supervision you should discuss NanoVi with your physician before using the NanoVi technology.

NanoVi technology is suitable for long-term use.

For optimal anti-aging or sports recovery results, it should be a recurring component of your beauty and fitness routine.