NYC Marathon Training and Recovery Protocol 

 Are you a runner training for the NYC marathon? If you are, then you know how pivotal training and recovery is over the next two weeks! Run, stretch, foam roll, ice, repeat. It just sounds all-too-familiar if you are a seasoned athlete who is diligent above workout recovery. Looking for new and fun ways to […]
honey in various forms

The Health Benefits of Honey: Why Winnie-The-Pooh Just Might Be Is A Nutritional Guru

Interested in learning about all the surprising honey health benefits? You are in the right place! Honey is sweet, but it is so much more than just a sweetener. Honey comes with a lot of surprising health benefits. In fact, it has been used by humans for countless health benefits for the past 2500 years […]
cryoskin facial

CryoSkin Facials: 7 Amazing Skin Health Benefits

Is freezing your face with a cryoskin facial the secret to younger-looking skin? Find out why cryoskin is becoming a popular treatment among celebrities (like Cardi B) as a premier non-invasive and all-natural way to look younger and more radiant!  How does cryoskin work? Cryoskin facials apply cold temperatures through a unique massaged technique that […]

My Results From 5 Weekly Cryoskin Slimming + Facial Treatments

Thinking of trying Cryoskin for getting rid of stubborn fat or cellulite? Want to know more about how routine Cryoskin facials can minimize scarring, wrinkles, and act as a natural alternative to botox and fillers? Then you’ll definitely be interested in hearing ⁠as I explain⁠— in my own words ⁠— week by week ⁠— my […]

5 Recovery Therapies For Young Athletes Proven To Work

For many young athletes, it’s preseason time! Looking for recovery therapies to help give you the extra edge? Find out how you can recover faster, avoid injuries, and train harder using local cryotherapy, whole-body cryo, and NormaTec compression therapy. Why recovery therapies are needed for younger athletes Playing sports competitively can be so beneficial for […]

CONTOUR LIGHT THERAPY: A new non-invasive body contouring & skin rejuvenation technology

CONTOUR LIGHT is a Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, Medical Grade LED Body Contouring, Fat Loss, and anti-aging skin rejuvenation system that has the research and the results to back it up. The contour light system we have at cold play cryo allows clients to relax as they melt away stubborn cellulite, tones and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, […]

Research Reveals Undeniable Health Benefits of CryoSkin Treatments for Weight Loss & So Much More

If you are trying to slim down in a day, find a quicker route to a shredded six-pack, have stubborn weight in certain places, or suffer from a bad case of stomach anxiety, bloating, or just have really bad menstrual cramps – researchers say Cryoskin can and wil have the potential to help you! The latest […]

Celebrities & Professional Athletes Are Obsessed With Whole-Body Cryotherapy — What Does The Scientific Research Say?

Did you know countless professional athletes and celebrities LOVE whole-body cryotherapy (WBC)?  Professional athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather, Steph Curry, Lebron James, the entire New York Nicks basketball team, and not to mention Usain Bolt — the fastest man alive— all routinely jump into whole-body cryotherapy chambers. These athletes have said WBC adds […]

How Often Should You Do Whole-Body Cryotherapy (WBC) For The Best Results?

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is, “how often should I be doing whole body cryotherapy?”  If you’ve ever asked, I’m sure you know this answer depends a lot on what the desired results of cryotherapy are. Luckily, research studies on whole-body cryotherapy (also known as WBC) combined with client […]