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Athletic Recovery Therapies

Triathlete, cyclist, runner

A healthy body does a pretty good job of healing itself, which is why that soreness doesn’t usually last longer than a day or two. (Thank goodness!) But professional athletes don’t always have the luxury of waiting until they’re back to 100% before they train or compete again, which is why many turn to alternative therapies in hopes of faster recovery and better performance.


Restorative Therapies

The second half of your life can bring some of your most rewarding decades. You may be more confident than your younger self. You gain wisdom and patience. Sure, your hair sprouts more grays and your face sports more lines. But you can grow older with your body and mind as healthy as they can possibly be. Here are science-backed secrets to do just that.


Beauty & Anti-Aging Therapies

Come in for consistent 3-minute Whole-Body Cryotherapy sessions for a more youthful complexion, firmer skin, a boost in collagen production, increased metabolism and weight loss.


NanoVi™ Treatments: The Secret to Natural Oxidative Stress Relief & Reversing Cell Damage

age-related or chronic diseases are in some way associated with oxidative stress and some are triggered by it. And Even if oxidative stress does not lead to illness, it saps you of energy, vitality, and diminishes your quality of life. As a result, healthy people at any age have much to gain from reducing oxidative stress. NanoVi™ is truly at the cutting edge of prevention, restorative, and anti-aging therapies.