My Results From 5 Weekly Cryoskin Slimming + Facial Treatments

Thinking of trying Cryoskin for getting rid of stubborn fat or cellulite? Want to know more about how routine Cryoskin facials can minimize scarring, wrinkles, and act as a natural alternative to botox and fillers? Then you’ll definitely be interested in hearing ⁠as I explain⁠— in my own words ⁠— week by week ⁠— my cryoskin experience and real results! 

Earlier this year, I heard about the fantastic results promised by cryoskin —a painless, relaxing, natural, and non-invasive way to reduce stubborn body fat, by freezing fat cells away, while also tightening the skin and promoting collagen growth. Another client who had done four treatments even told me he thought it was “the better and more natural alternative to cool sculpting.” Woah. 

I knew Cryoskin was something that sounded incredible, and I needed to give it a try. So for 5 weeks, I decided to head to Cold Play Cryo for weekly Cryoskin appointments. 

Wait, how does Cryoskin work?

Cryoskin is administered as a massage technique, and it has three parts. It starts with a heated massage to loosen up the fat cells. This feels a lot like a hot stone massage, TBH. 

Then the temperature decreases to -8° C to destroy the fat cells. This feels quite cold but not as cold as rubbing an actual ice cube on your skin. Lastly, you finish off with another heated massage to help eliminate the fat cells. The dead fat cells travel to your lymphatic drainage system to be flushed out of your body. This process mimics the body’s natural process of apoptosis. 

My stomach after 5 weeks of cryoskin slimming. Keep reading to hear about my week by week progress!

Committing to weekly Cryoskin slimming + Cryoskin facials

I committed to coming in for a weekly Cryoskin body slimming session on my love handles as well as a CryoSkin facial to clear up my acne-prone skin. But let me backtrack a second and explain my starting point.

At 28 years old, I work out at least 5 days a week for an hour and eat relatively well. But despite loving myself, there are still areas I am less than happy with. I have some stubborn side lower belly fat, neck and forehead wrinkles from too much sun and not enough SPF, the occasional cystic zit (or 2), and old acne scarring from picking.

When reading about Cryoskin, it seemed that combining a weekly Cryoskin slimming and facials was the best way for me to get rid of these little imperfections.

How long cryoskin sessions take + what you can do to maximize results?

To see Cryoskin results, you want to commit to at least 5 treatments every 1-2 weeks. So I decided to come in for treatments for 5 weeks straight with the hopes of clearing up my complexion and tightening up the sides of my stomach.

My weekly Cryoskin slimming sessions on my love handles/side tummy take an average of 36 to 40 minutes. My facials were around 20-25 minutes. So If I wanted to come in for back-to-back treatments, I would block out an hour and a half in my schedule.

On treatment days, I would do a CrossFit class and avoid eating for 2 hours after each session during my five-week treatment plan. Ideally, you want to avoid sugary foods, carbohydrates, and alcohol after your treatments in the 2-4 hours following. Working out regularly— along with drinking A LOT of water to help your body flush out the fat cells ⁠— will help you maximize results.

My CryoSkin Results & Experience, Week-By-Week

WEEK 1 — my shirt felt looser, my face felt tighter, and my neck was wrinkle-free

During my first Cryoskin body and facial session, I was surprised at just how relaxing and spa-like the experience was during my treatment. I even found myself dozing off towards the end.

When I came in for my first treatment, It’s important to know I was on my monthly cycle and was very bloated. I was amazed at how much the treatment not only helped with the bloating but also the cramping I was experiencing. On top of that, I just felt as If I had a whole new stomach. 

 Immediately after my body session was done, I pulled my shirt down over my stomach — and it — to my surprise — it felt looser! I stared in the mirror and pivoted to the side to examine my profile. It looked like I had lost inches of bloat around my waist. In the days following my treatment, I felt more stretched and thinned out. I was eager for my appointment the following week.

Immediately after my facial, I noticed that my skin felt and looked tighter. I also noticed that the little wrinkles along my neckline and forehead were GONE. Just gone! 

Right after my first slimming session.

Right before my first slimming session.

WEEK 2 — Someone thought I had botox and assumed I was dieting

Immediately after my second treatment, I noticed a difference in definition, along with my love handles. They felt very taught, and the effect even seemed to trickle down to my stomach. I noticed the sides of my stomach appeared more defined. 

A friend of mine even noticed I seemed slimmer and made a comment. She said, ‘it must be because you stopped eating gluten and dairy and are less bloated. That’s what happened to me’. (I am not allergic to gluten or dairy and continue to eat them regularly) 

Right after my second facial, I grabbed lunch with a friend’s mother who had told me at 28 I should start thinking about botox. She’s not being rude, it’s because I really do spend a lot of time in the sun without protection. It was pretty amazing when she assumed I had taken her advice and gotten ‘botox done’ and it looked ‘very natural’ — when all I did was get my second cryoskin facial!

The immediate tightening and wrinkle-diminishing effect from my first appointment lasted longer than my first time around. I also noticed scarring had improved along my jawline. 

WEEK 3 — My boyfriend & people noticed I looked slimmer

After my third session, my boyfriend and people at the gym began to notice! I was more confident wearing tighter clothes to the gym. I even started — dare I admit — taking my shirt off during workouts and wearing more shorts instead of leggings. 

I also found that my chin line was more defined, my cheekbones more pronounced, and my face just looked less round in photos. My boyfriend even asked, “what did you change? Your face looks perfect and slim.” Needless to say, I was pretty hooked on Cryoskin facials after this comment.

Later that same day at the gym, my trainer even seemed to notice and asked me what supplements I was taking to improve collagen production.

WEEK 4 — I had side abs, a smooth complexion, & zero breakouts 

After my 4th week of treatments, I really felt like my love handles had transformed from love handles to defined side ab muscles. All the inflammation and fat that I used to grab at self-consciously while sitting down was downright gone! I had newfound confidence at the gym, and whenever I got dressed in the morning, I was excited instead of dreading it. 

As far as my results from the facials, my face felt baby-smooth to the touch and my cystic scarring had completely diminished along my jawline. I also had a pimple on my chin during the appointment, and it disappeared overnight, making CryoSkin facials an excellent spot treatment for when you feel something coming up!

WEEK 5 — No more round face or love handles 

Profile after 5 weeks- I used to be so much more square and thick in the middle!

My body and face feel really different now — whether I’m sitting or standing I notice my side abs now and I feel the tightness along my chin. I feel more firm and toned. I noticed it every time I get dressed, jump in the shower, or when my boyfriend hugs me. The fat feels as if it melted away over 5 weeks — and it does not feel like it’s coming back anytime soon! 

My face after 5 cryoskin facials

The Bottom Line – Undeniable results

I’ll be the first to say—I wasn’t expecting significant results. But after 5 weeks, I can FINALLY see the side-ab muscles I’ve been toning for the past five years at the gym and my cheeks bones that were hiding beneath a layer of chub.

While I can lose fat quickly from my arms and legs, my stomach and face has never had this much improvement despite weight-lifting, cardio, and eating well. I honestly never thought I’d ever describe my face or stomach as slim.

After committing to cryoskin body and facial treatments for 5 weeks straight, the results are undeniable and have led to a massive boost of confidence. I can’t get over how smooth, clear, and glowy my face and neck are or how tight and defined my side abs feel. When I walk past myself in the mirror now, I don’t even think of them as anything close to love handles anymore, and I can’t wait to get dressed for work in the morning!

-Elara Mosquera

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