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Letting Yourself Be Cold in Nature Strengthens Your Immunity

It was brought to my attention by the President of Cold Play Cryo that we as humans live life comfortably. And by comfortably, I mean when we are cold we put on a coat, and when we are hot, we have the luxury of high-tech t-shirts that allow us to sweat as we work out. In light of this, we don’t have time to be too cold or too hot, usually. Today, we have the gear to put on when we are feeling temperature extremes. Well, what if we stayed cold, or reduced our body temperature momentarily? Does being in cold environments improve our health and strengthen our immune system?

Athletes vs Others

Well, the greatest athletes on Earth can withstand temperatures far lower (or higher) than an average individual can handle. For example, Lewis Pugh gave a famous TedTalk about how he swam around the North Pole (no human being has EVER attempted such a feat). And he succeeded, with few sustained injuries. Most people would die from water temperatures of -1.8C so it is important to note that cryotherapy, which uses nitrogen gas, offers the safest and easiest available treatment for athletes.

What makes him different?

Well, for starters, he vigorously prepared for two years. And, second, it had been a lifelong dream to complete such a feat. Preparation, passion and your mind (will-power) will determine the outcome of many professional feats.

So, did this improve his health? Or did he improve his health before entering the icy waters of Antarctica? He improved his health before and after. His preparation determined his health before entering the water, and he had to have had a stronger immune response for enduring colder water that long. Secondly, his health plummeted during and after his swim around the North Pole, but this experience taught his body of how to handle similar, drastic, and intense circumstances in the future.

Your Immune Response to Cold Temperatures

Now, imagine your immune response to the cold for a second. Usually, you know right away when you are cold and grab a jacket or coat and other accessories to keep yourself from feeling cold. In our lifestyles, we usually escape the need to feel cold or be cold – and we have grown up this way.

If we imagine nature right now and it’s intention of humans, we will likely see how we adapted to weather and temperature conditions  –  and the result are stronger immune systems. When in controlled environments, we are not fatigued from shivering and being too cold.

Cryotherapy is a Controlled Environment

Now, subjecting your body to cryotherapy will NOT make you endure what our ancestors have in the cold winter months nor will it make you feel like you are swimming around the North Pole.

Cryotherapy can reduce temperatures to sub-zero degrees and manage not to get you cold and only enhance your immune system using icy, nitrogen gas.

So, you get ALL the benefits of a stronger immune system in 3 minutes, apart from an icy swim in an ice bath (which usually is 20 minutes and can harm you and your muscles) as well as not wearing a coat in the middle of January. Sounds good, right?

Let’s set you up for success: become an active member in cryotherapy, and you will have succeeded in what nature intended – building your immune system and becoming a stronger, more cold-resistant and healthier human being, without suffering from the cold!

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This article is inspired by the questions of professional athletes and other members at our Cold Play Cryo center in Greenwich, Connecticut. You are in charge of your health.

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