Cold Exposure Strengthens Immunity

Most of us prefer to avoid temperature extremes whenever possible, right?

If we’re cold, we put on a sweater or coat.

And if we’re hot, we choose high-tech wicking fast-drying clothes that keep us cooler as we work out.

What happens if we voluntarily seek out temperature extremes?

What if we allowed ourselves to experience cold for a few moments, or reduced our body temperature very briefly?

How does being in cold environments improve our health and strengthen our immune system?

Lewis Pugh’s North Pole Swim

Some of the greatest athletes on Earth can withstand temperatures far lower (or higher) than an average individual can handle. For example, Lewis Pugh gave a famous TED Talk about how he swam around the North Pole, a feat no other human has ever attempted. And he succeeded, without serious injury.

What Makes Pugh Different?

Pugh vigorously prepared for his swim by progressively exposing his body to very cold waters during increasingly long swims. This experience taught his body how to handle similar, drastic, and intense circumstances in the future. His immune system was able to successfully handle an environment that would conquer most of us.

Get the Immune Benefits Without The Misery

In just three minutes of exposure to super-cooled nitrogen vapors, you get the benefits of a stronger immune system. And it’s much more pleasant than a 20-minute immersion in an ice bath…or a swim around the North Pole.

Set yourself up for success: add cryotherapy to your self-care routine and strengthen your immunity as nature intended. You’ll thank us when winter comes!